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Al Batnan Medical Center
Arabic mirors
Department of Microbiology & Immunology
Libyan Doctors' Society
The Libyan Board for Medical Specialisation
Al-Afia Clinic Online
Libyan National Drug Agency - Benghazi branch
Burn & Cosmatic Institute
Zahra Dental Clinic
Al-Saqr Al-Akhdar Medical Equipment
Medilink International
MMP Network medical professionals database
Libyan Medical Society UK
Women clinic
Libyan Club for Medical Deposits
Libvet Veterinary Medicine
Travel & Tourism
Janzour City Libya
Afaq Misurata for travel and tour
Benghazi City Libya
Winzrik Tourism Services
Arkno Tours
Afriqiyah Airline
Alawy Tours Company
Shati Zuara Tours
Bright Focus Tourism
Azjar Tours
Libyan Youth and Students Travel
Al Hourouj Libya Tours
Atlas World Tours Libya
Bab Al Medina Tours
Wesaam For Touring Services
Sari Travel & Tourism
Juddaim Tourism Services
Sahara Overland Travel Information
Sahara Tour Club
Jannat Tours
Zart Tours
Rose De Sable tour operater
Sea & Desert Tours in Libya
Newspapers & Magazines

Al-Jamahiria Newspaper
Alshames Newspaper Libya
Azzahfalakhder newspeaper
Al Fajr al Jadeed Newspaper.Arabic
Al Biyt magazen
Almukhtar Libyan Media
Akhbar Libya
Libya Net
Jamahiria Today
Al Fajer al Jadeed Newspaper English
Alamal magazine
General Press Corporation - Libyan Press
Albayan Magazine Libya
Libya alyoum
Almotamar Magazine Libya
Fadaat Magazine
Dirasaat Magazine
Mathaba News Service
Alfateh Journal

Computer Science Phd

Academy of Higher Studies - Janzour
High Technical Industry Institute - Janzour
Petroleum training & qualifying institute
Naser University
Al Tahdi University
Libyan School in Manchester UK
Garyounis University
Alhandasa Net
National Research & Development Institute
Asmarya University
Industry High Institute - Misurata
Nuclear Search Center - Tajura
Alhandasa Clubs Online
Faculty of Pharmacy Al Fatah University
Higher Institute for Mechanics Proffessions
National Library of Libya
Islamic Arts and Crafts School
Faculty of Engenering - Al Fatah University
National Center for Sience research & Studies

Garyounis University Student Projects pages

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Tripoli OnLine Advertising
Garyonis Electonics
Vintage Coins & Banknotes
Chicco Libya
Rawaj OnLine Market
Soug Libya
Al Jamaheriya Market
Almohandas Ceramics
El-Hanbali Design
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Libya Connected
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